The main objective is to plan and execute IEMath global strategic actions in the field of mathematical research, through the following actions:

  • To provide support for quality research in mathematics for all research groups.
  • To promote new relevant research in areas presently poorly developed in Spain.
  • To promote mathematical research in emerging areas of Science, Technology and Social Sciences, through interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • To provide a framework for cooperation between research groups, promoting a qualitative leap in its activity.
  • To promote the provision of services and the transfer of mathematical technology to industry.
  • To support doctoral programs with an international focus on student recruitment.
  • To promote the mobility of Spanish researchers, increasing international cooperation.
  • To promote the presence, visibility and influence of Spanish Mathematics in the international context.
  • To contribute to the stimulation of mathematical talent in youngsters and improve their training.
  • To contribute, in collaboration with Mathematical Societies and other organisations and associations, to the popularization of mathematics in Spain and to define a profile for the professional mathematician.